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Shopping for auto insurance is not an enjoyable task, but just like home insurance, it is an important one. Finding the right auto insurance policy for your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle starts with finding the right independent insurance agency. Rumbaugh Insurance represents multiple highly-rated auto insurance carriers that know how to properly protect drivers in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas.
You rely on your vehicle to get you to work, home, and every trip in between. It is a vital part of your daily activities. Even the most careful drivers can have their lives turned upside down by an auto accident. Make sure you pick an auto insurance policy that protects you, your family, and your assets during these unexpected incidents.

How much insurance do you need?

Auto insurance requirements vary by state. Pennsylvania drivers can count on Rumbaugh Insurance to help guide you to choose the coverage based on your specific requirements and needs.

Auto Risks

There are several types of auto risks you face daily living in Pennsylvania.

  1. Road conditions. Potholes and poor roadways can cause havoc on your car or truck. In some cases, vehicles have gotten stuck or gone off-road causing damage as a result.
  2. Reckless drivers. You can’t control how other drivers navigate the roads. Wrecks caused by reckless and uninsured drivers leave you open to financial damage and stress.
  3. Other hazards. Deer and other uncontrollable factors like flying rocks/stones can damage your vehicle unexpectedly.
Auto Insurance

Review these five important coverage features when shopping for new auto insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance pays for damage to your vehicle not caused by a collision. Theft, vandalism, hail damage, or hitting a deer are common Pennsylvania auto incidents that fall under this category. This is a coverage required by all lien holders.
Collision Insurance
Collision insurance pays for damage to your vehicle resulting from a covered accident. It pays the cost of repairs or to replace your vehicle up to the fair-market value. This insurance coverage kicks in after your auto insurance deductible is met and is required by lien holders.
Liability Coverage
Automobile liability coverage pays for damages of a covered accident that you are found at fault for causing. This coverage pays for property damage and medical bills resulting from the accident. Most states have a minimum limit required for all drivers. To be fully protected, we suggest you carry more than the required limit to alleviate any financial burden.
Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Even though insurance is required in most states, there are still drivers that choose to skip purchasing or maintaining coverage. 6.5% of Pennsylvania drivers don’t carry auto insurance according to a recent study. Uninsured and Underinsured motorist insurance coverage pays for damages resulting from another driver’s negligence when they don’t carry adequate insurance limits.
Personal Injury Protection
Personal injury protection is a mandatory coverage for Pennsylvania policyholders. Drivers are required to carry $5,000 in medical payments.  In addition, Pennsylvania drivers can also add first-party benefits coverage which pays for lost wages, funeral benefits, and extraordinary medical pay.  With sky-rocketing health costs and the risk of not being able to work, it is a coverage you can’t afford to not carry.

Other Features
Additional features you want to look for on an auto insurance policy include:

  • Roadside assistance.
  • Rental reimbursement.
Your Next Steps

  1. Find a copy of your policy.
  2. Brainstorm a list of any coverage questions.
  3. Contact Rumbaugh Insurance today at 717-632-6001.
Rumbaugh Insurance

Established in 1972, Rumbaugh Insurance is an agency you can count on. Our customer-focused team works with you to research, understand, and find the right auto insurance to meet your needs. We are here to get you back on the road quickly after an unexpected incident or accident. Contact our Hanover Insurance agency office at 717-632-6001 or online for an auto insurance quote today.

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